Nintendo DS
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Work on the Nintendo DS port was started in November 2007 and it is currently still in the alpha stages of development. It is playable though and the most recent version can be downloaded from [this forum thread].

This port will hopefully become the first officially supported Portable device version (en).



  1. Download all files from the tar package:
  2. Patch openttd.nds with DLDI.
    1. Get dldi :
    2. GUI at :
    3. Get dldi file for your card. :
    4. Patch with the GUI. : dlditool32.exe
    5. Use the autopatch of your flashcard.
  3. Copy openttd.nds, openttd.cfg and the openttd folder to the root of your card
  4. Copy the Transport Tycoon data files from your original TTD CD to openttd/data. The following files are required:
    • trg1.grf
    • trgc.grf
    • trgh.grf
    • trgi.grf
    • trgt.grf
  5. Start playing OTTD on your DS!


Button Function
D-Pad scrolling
L swap screens
R close all windows
A display the debug console
B display a memory report

Note: This table refers to version Alpha 6.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How I can edit maps on Alpha 6? Button are on upper screen and I cant swap them! A: You can use one of the shoulder buttons to swap the screens. Sometimes you will need to hold the button for a second or so.


Those shots were taken from version Alpha 6.

/File/en/Archive/Compilation and Ports/Nds-titlescreen.png /File/en/Archive/Compilation and Ports/Nds-ingame.png /File/en/Archive/Compilation and Ports/Nds-gui.png

Known Bugs


Alpha 6

Alpha 5

Alpha 4

Alpha 3


Currently the following alpha releases are planned for the future. They are very much subject to change.