Rejected features

This is a list of common asked features for OpenTTD but rejected by the devs. Each entry explains why the suggestion/feature is rejected and may link to forum threads and/or FS task for references.

See also Requested features


Automatically download NewGRFs

Short Description: If you join a server OpenTTD automatically downloads the missing newgrf.

There are copyright related issues which cannot be solved for automatic downloads of newgrfs. The author may not want that their files are automatically downloaded. Some newgrf releases contains readme and licence files which may be not downloaded through such a system (michael blunck's post). A flag in the newgrf itself doesn't solve the problem as this flag could be easily changed in the file to circumvent the protection.

Note: Since revision r15126 its possible to download newgrfs (and other files) from a central server ingame of OpenTTD.


Multithread/Multicore support

Short Description: Adding support for multiple threads and using more than one CPU in a multi core environment

The game use only one thread for the game engine to make it deterministic what happens. Implementing such a feature will desync in multiplayer all the time.



Short Description: An undo feature/button to undo the last (1 to N) actions

As the game is running all the time (and is not an office application) its not possible to "undo" something as if it didn't happen. Especially on a network game the command is already sent to the clients, money is already spent, land is already terraformed, and so on. If you really want an undo feature use (auto)save.