Todo list


What's this?

This page contains a list of available tasks. This list is composed by OpenTTD developers considering a single criterion: The tasks require no detailed knowledge of the OpenTTD source code. As such this list aims for people who want to get involved with the development of OpenTTD.

Naturally this list differs vastly from the list of feature requests composed by players.

Before you start working on some item:

For coding tasks:

Coding tasks

OSX related

This section lists tasks, which require knowledge about the OSX APIs, but not so much about OpenTTD.


This section lists small tasks which require no advanced coding skills and no big effort of time.


This section lists medium tasks which require moderate coding skill and/or medium effort of time.

These tasks might depend on each other:


The items in this list either require good coding skills and/or bigger investment of time.

Non-coding tasks

This section lists tasks which require no coding skills.

All-time tasks

These tasks are never done and require constant effort (amount choosen by yourself).

GUI / settings redesign

This a very huge / hard task, which requires no coding skills (in the current stage) but nevertheless a good knowledge about OpenTTD (from a player's point of view).

Other GUI issues

Some window are just weird, think about a better way to layout them: