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The main idea is to have as many clients as possible at any given time - of course this is again a limited number as with every multiplayer game. Currently looks like our max clients number is 255 :-)

We also want to see a somewhat 'talkative' community... mutual silence is not what we are looking for. In fact chatting will be required to some extent, as you may have to communicate with a bunch of people for what you intend to build. If you only want to play to build your stuff, single player mode is your way to go. Teamwork is not always easy, it can be a challenge at times and we just want to encourage everyone to be patient and peaceful to ensure a fun game for everyone. Iif you have any issues in-game, contact one of the admins in a PM.

You will require our #wwottdgd binary and the #openttdcoop grfpack to be able to join the game.

Thanks to TrueLight for building the binaries.



Ammler once talked to me (dihedral) on IRC about a game with more clients... i cannot remember how we managed to turn it into World Wide OpenTTD Game Day, all i know now is that we a a week away and that we have more support that i had actually ever expected.

And we already have had talks about this only being the first #wwottdgd game...

Powered by #openttdcoop and



The following rules are in addition to the standard multiplayer rules:

Disregarding the rules will result in the admins moving the player concerned to a spectator. Verbally attacking admins and/or other players may result in a kick/ban.


Meeting Dates

  1. First event: Sat 27 October 2007 12:30 until Sun 28 October 2007 18:30 Game Ended, thank you for a great time
  2. Second event: July 12th 2008 12:00 UTC until 13th July 2008, 24:00h. Have a look the scenario. Thanks for all participating persons and the great time!
  3. Third event: Yet do be decided