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Saturday, 27. October 07 12:30 UTC (14:30 CEST, @562)

the game will be available 10 mins before the official start,

in paused mode, so you can save yourself a spot


Sunday, 28. October 07 18:30 (or until less than 10 players)

Development Roadmap

prio process assigned to details
Patch: console manager to view edit company passwords 3 100% ~dihedral diff v2
Patch: move clients into any company in-game 1 100% ~dihedral teaser screenie
diff v5 (bugs fixed)
Patch: force players to join as spectator, admins then move players to company 2 100% ~dihedral diff v2
Patch: attempts to change company name/password results in move to spectators 2 100% ~dihedral diff v1
Patch: show client id in client list 3 100% ~dihedral diff v1
GRF: Toll Booth 1 99% lordazamath Download (no toll booth at airports is not possible)
GRF: Party 2 75% AntB
Patch/GRF: snow-in-temperate 2 99% TrueBrain (Patch), Roujin/Leviath.NL (GRF) GRF

snow patch

snow and hacked desert patch
Patch: 55 clients 1 99% Ammler only a constant
#openttdcoop GRF pack 1 80% Ammler fullpack with every GRF needed
Patch: Shared Global Tracks 2 100% TrueBrain / Phazorx testing at #openttdcoop.dev

shared global tracks patch v10
Map 2 99% Phazorx viewable at #wwottdgd server
Patch: Map hack for saving snowline 2 100% Phazorx no need to download for anyone by Phazorx
Patch: no self growing trees 2 99% Ammler Download
GRF: Airmod Fix 3 0% Ammler

GRF: Base cost modifications 1 90% Ammler basecosts.grf
Patch: Slope cost modifications 1 90% Phazorx wwottdgd_modified_slope_costs.diff
Testing ALL patches together 1 50%

wwottdgd_in_v6.diff against r11344
TrueBrain: we are ready, this is the final patch against 11344 ~dihedral 19:51, 26 October 2007 (CEST)

1 = needed, 2 = nice to have, 3 = would be included if available


Playercounter: 40



Zeroxian Transport

Board 2


Easy Company

Register here if unsure


This things are still in discussion, if you like to participate, please use WWOTTDGD1.

Settings Suggestion 1 Suggestion 2
Climate Temperate
Mapsize 2048x2048 (11x11, Europe)
Breakdowns off
  • NewCargo
  • DBSetXL


Here is the sampler of the map we are going to use:


It is zoned into regions that are "responsibility" of company based there to conenct all/most industries This map currently runs on WWOTTDGD beta server as teaser

TrueBrain working on snow-in-temperate patch, so Alps might actualy look like Alps :)

Temperate with snow and desert.