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Yet to be decided


about 24 hours after begin

Development Roadmap

prio process assigned to details
Essentials: 1 0%

Infrastructure Sharing 1 50%

Old forum topic (r13597) and new repository
No tree growth 1 0%

r13597, better: v2 for r13434 by Belugas

Nice-to-have: 2 0%

Cargo Destinations 2 50%

close airports 2 10% Cirdan

improved time tables 2 10% Philsophus

Ingame Rivers 2 10%

rcon gui 2 0%

advance signals 2 0% michi_cc ask michi_cc for uploading newgrf to bananas

Options: 3 0%

automatic screenshots (for movie) 3 50% planetmaker check #openttdcoop trac for latest version
waypoint statistics 3 50% Roujin

sloped stations 3 0% wolf01, foobar ask wolf01 or foobar for uploading newgrf to bananas
modified ratings window 3 0% planetmaker from deceased client_patches.diff
filter by cargo 3 50% planetmaker check #openttdcoop trac for latest version
filter signs 3 10% Zuu

regions with different newGRF 3 0%

more smoke 3 0% SirkoZ

adv. station build GUI 3 0% planetmaker check #openttdcoop trac for latest version
#openttdcoop GRF Pack 3

ALL GRFs should be available with BaNaNaS

1 = needed, 2 = nice to have, 3 = would be included if available

to be decided:


Playercounter: 0

Note: There's no special company as every company can use the infrastructure of any other - unlike the last time! So "Global Warming Inc." is by no means special - only in the respect that its HQ is in the centre of the map.


This things are still in discussion, if you like to participate, please use World Wide OpenTTD Game Day/3 or join us on IRC: #WWOTTDGD channel or #openttdcoop.dev channel .


There has been a rumor that LordAzamath is working on a map. But don't believe everything they say.


Additional Admin Features

(Text from wwottdgd/2): There are a range of features, which help especially the administration: