Roadmap 0.5
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Defunct Roadmap 0.5 Roadmap 0.6

0.5.0 Roadmap

The Roadmap for 0.5.0
Item Assigned To Status Remarks
New map generator TrueLight, Richk67, Rubidium Finished

Yet Another Pathfinder KUDr Finished

Electrified railways Celestar Finished

Newstations peter1138 Finished

Patch settings in savegame Darkvater Finished

NewGRF settings in savegame peter1138 Finished

NewGRF pre-join check peter1138 Finished Idea is to stop map being downloaded if player doesn't have correct files
UTF-8 support peter1138 Finished

Global percentage
Status Count Percentage Multiplier Amount
Finished 8 100% 1 8
In progress 0 0% 0.5 0
Pending 0 0% 0.5 0
Unclaimed 0 0% 0 0
Total percentage 8 100% - 8

The total readiness percentage of this roadmap is 100%