New global pathfinding

A setting that uses a completely different pathfinding algorithm for all vehicles.

NPF is superseded by Yet Another Pathfinder for all purposes.



The New global PathFinder (NPF) works for all vehicles. However, it has now been fully superceded by Yet Another Pathfinder (YAPF), so you should use that instead.

NPF used an A* algorithm to find its route. However, on extremely complex railway networks it could be CPU-consuming, so on older machines (and big maps with lots of trains), it might sometimes lower performance.

Configuration Options

NPF has the following set of configuration options:

npf_max_search_nodes The maximum amount of search nodes a single NPF run should take. This limit should make sure performance stays at acceptable levels at the cost of no longer giving guaranteed optimal results. This will probably be fixed in a more sophisticated way some time soon.
npf_rail_firstred_penalty The penalty for when the first signal is red (and it is not an exit or combo signal)
npf_rail_firstred_exit_penalty The penalty for when the first signal is red (and it is an exit or combo signal)
npf_rail_lastred_penalty The penalty for when the last signal is red
npf_rail_station_penalty The penalty for rail station tiles
npf_rail_slope_penalty The penalty for sloping upwards on rail
npf_rail_curve_penalty The penalty for curves on rail
npf_rail_depot_reverse_penalty The penalty for reversing in depots
npf_buoy_penalty The penalty for going over (through) a buoy
npf_water_curve_penalty The penalty for curves for boats


This feature is disabled by default. You can enable this patch through the configure patches -> vehicles window or use the following syntax in Openttd.cfg:

new_pathfinding_all = true

The configuration options may only be changed in Openttd.cfg:

npf_max_search_nodes = 10000
npf_rail_firstred_penalty = 1000
npf_rail_firstred_exit_penalty = 10000
npf_rail_lastred_penalty = 1000
npf_rail_station_penalty = 100
npf_rail_slope_penalty = 100
npf_rail_curve_penalty = 1
npf_rail_depot_reverse_penalty = 5000
npf_buoy_penalty = 200
npf_water_curve_penalty = 25


The algorithm is pretty amazing compared to the old system. Because of the penalty for red signals, it's quite easy to build simple load-balancing systems in some cases, especially in front of stations. Take care however when modifying tracks: if there is no path, the trains will try to get as close to the target station as possible and can get very lost doing so.

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