Buy the rolling stock

Buy the rolling stock: how to choose, what you need to know when buying. The concept of penalty and the system of many units. The purpose of the system of many units. Reasons for penalty when assembling two or more units of rolling stock.

Selection of RS depends from applications in the game. For example, transportation passengers, different cargoes (mail, godds, coal, oil иand other). Each RS has this characteristics as Type, which shows applications in the game. Also important characteristics as the leading RS, which joined by cars, as the characteristics of the cars.
The main parameters leading the RS, at which you should pay attention to when buying (the definition of each parameter see Study of the basic characteristics of rolling stock capacity, traction power, running cost and others. ):


Is important, especially early in the game when a small balance for the purchase of the RS.


The speed of the locomotive on the railroad for transportation of different cargoes.


Maximum tractive effort

Power and maximum traction are related to each other. Both values show how fast your locomotive with wagons able to move and gain speed on railway tracks how quickly the locomotive will be able to overcome different lifts.

Running cost

You should choose RS to be able to recoup its cost of service within one game of the year.

Max. reliability

Operation without forced breaks. Characteristic is important when the player uses the setting "Vehicle breakdowns" in the game.

In the game in section Disasters/Accidents - Vehicle breakdowns, which has three values - none, reduced, normal.

SMU (system of many units)

SMU—method of controlling rolling stock, in which one engages several train locomotives or motor railcars, a traction motor control is conducted with one control and one locomotive crew, is a special case of a multiple thrust. It is used on electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, railcar rolling stock, trams and trolleybuses. The connection of the SMU allows locomotives to increase train weight and increase the carrying capacity of lines. In the buy menu there is a note how many and which locomotives you can join without penalty. Each locomotive/DMUs and EMUs in the description have SMU (system of many units). At this item it is necessary to pay important attention.

At SMU you must collect all DMUs and EMUs. Incorrect assembly will not allow to start MUs from the depot. In the case of incorrect assembly will be message "no traction".

When you try to run the locomotive, which must be concatenated at SMU only in 2, 3 or 4 sections, will be issued a message indicating that the locomotive should be connected with 2, 3 or 4 sections. Otherwise the locomotive will not be able to attach cars.

The penalty is a tax on inefficiency. The penalty for speed is exhibited in cases when the Assembly of the train impossible at SMU or or occurs not at SMU. At SMU cannot be connected locomotives. When two or more steam locomotives are connected then there is imposed a penalty in speed. Also the penalty is imposed due to incorrect coupling of diesel locomotives, electric locomotives. For example, the locomotive is collected only in 2 sections to it and the player wants to add 2 more sections.

Not to get a penalty in speed, you need to follow SMU each RS.


The application of RS. For example, freight - only freight transportation; passenger - used for transportation of passengers and freight; passenger - only transportation of passengers.


Very important when transporting passengers and various goods. When buying cars, you should pay attention to the application. For the carriage of cargoes it is necessary to choose industries with the greatest performance. In the carriage of passengers is desirable, but not required, to choose cities with larger populations.

Consider an example for better understanding.
Example 1.The player connected in 1965 two settlements of trunk electrified DC railroad (140 km/h) and wants to buy a train with passenger cars.

For purchase the trains have to go to the depot and choose New vihicles (see screenshot)

Purchase of new passenger trains

In the item for easy purchase of a passenger train should sort by start time of production, then choose filter passengers. If you are comfortable buying without sorting, it is best to leave everything default.

Purchase of new passenger trains (classic sort)

Now go towards buying new trains with more carriages. By 1965, available for purchase many different locomotives and cars. In this case, you need to buy a electric locomotive (DC) or DMU. Consider several examples (see screenshot below):

The new trains in the depot

All options are given as examples. КEach player can collect a passenger train in different ways: to passenger cars to attach a mail and baggage cars, choose other schema assembly DMUs and EMUs. In this case, the selected train to be produced not earlier than 10 years ago.

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