CarstsTrainingScenario v3
Map information
  • Training scenario, size 256x256, six towns, some industries.
  • I used it to teach some friends how to play OpenTTD and they now love at as much as everyone here of us.
  • Simple scenario, towns in 4 corners and 2 in the middle of the map, perfect for laying down some train tracks, flying from one corner to the next one, connecting the first industries.
  • Map has some potential for PDA-versions of the game etc.
  • NOTICE: 4 GRFs installed => DB Set v0.82 (XL), NewStations v0.42, PlaneSet and GermanTramSet. You should be able to play the scenario without these GRFs, but a message will show up that they are missing. Download all 4 of them: Download
  • NOTICE2: Scenario Download is a zip-file. You need to unzip it into your scnearios folder.

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Difficulty: Easy
Setting: Climates
Size: 256x256
Relief: Very Flat
Quantity of Towns: Low
Quantity of Industries: High
Based on Real World: fantasy training ground
OpenTTD version: 0.6.x and above
Author: CARST
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