Chatham Islands
Chatham Islands v0.5
This is a map of New Zealands Chatham Islands. Only the terrain is real as I checked the island and there is only one small town on it and no visible industries. The best part and most profiting is a small island to the south of the large island where there are a lot of diamond and copper ore mines with high production rates but there are no industries there that would accept those materials and the island is a fair way away from the big one so you'll have to earn quite some money before you can tap the resources there, ships may or may not be a good choice, use your imagination ;)
Difficulty: Normal
Setting: Climates
Size: 1024x1024
Relief: Hilly
Quantity of Towns: High
Quantity of Industries: High
Based on Real World: Chatham Islands (Terrain only)
OpenTTD version: 0.5.0+
Author: Ominus
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