Scenarios Team

The Scenarios Team is a gathering of people devoted to updating the Scenarios. Anyone is free to join in. In fact, the team needs your help in updating the database of scenarios so that anyone can search for and download new scenarios with ease.


Project Main Goals

Project ToDo List

As the project gets off the ground there is an increasing number of things to do and without proper communication and documentation our job will not be any easier. For this reason we have created a ToDo List

Join in!

Anyone is free to join the Scenarios Team. To show your support, go ahead and add {{Userbox Scenarios Team}} on your userpage. Doing this will include you in the members' category and show a userbox on your page. If you wish, you can also add your name below in the Project Members list.

Scenario Projects

If you are working on a big scenario or plan to do it maybe as a team project feel free to start a project page for it here. The page should provide some background information what is planned for the map where it is located and so on. Project pages could/should be also used to organize development, tracking changes and discussing certain map features.

The first scenario project is the Cindini Map Project. A lot of efforts will be put into this project to make it in a 'state of the art' manner so it could act as a reference for other scenario projects in the future.


The project page for Whopper's yet unfinished Cindini map.

Useful information for members

Project Leaders

Project Members

A full list is available at Scenarios Team members.

Procedure to add a scenario

  1. Take a screenshot showing the minimap of your scenario (preferably medium-size, in PNG). Example
  2. Take a screenshot showing a detail you like about the scenario you are about to list. Again, preferably medium-size, and in PNG. Example
  3. Name the above files logically like in the example above and upload them to the wiki.
  4. Go to a category page where your map fits into, a good start would be here: Climate
    1. Edit the category page and add the following code: {{Scenario:Name of your Scenario}} Just look at the existing code and it should be quite easy.(NB: Remember capitalisation is important - sub-arctic doesn't work, whilst Climates does).
    2. Press the preview button, you should see a red link with the name of your scenario. Then add a summary for your changes and save the page.
  5. Click on the red link you just added to start a new article for your scenario.
    1. Paste an empty scenario entry into the article from the code block below. Describe your scenario by filling the relevant information into the empty template.
    2. Press the preview button to check your changes and then save the page. The page will now be included on every page with the code from step 4.1.
    3. Reload the category page where you first have added the above piece of code and check if all works like intended. (If it didn't work, don't panic - just undo your changes and contact someone from the scenarios team for help.)
  6. Add the scenario under all relevant categories by repeating step 4.1.

When adding scenarios to the lists, remember to update the scenario counts and the recent additions list.

Hosting of scenarios

Please do not upload your scenario files (*.scn) to the wiki. Until a final solution is found and ready to use please host your files at another place like tt-forums, where most of the current scenarios are hosted. You may also ask Jupix to host your files. If you have further questions on this matter, please ask your question here. Thank you.

Scenario template

|title=Your Scenario
|description=A few words about your scenario. Geography, different strategies, and so on.
|setting=[[Temperate]] / [[Sub-tropical]] / [[Sub-arctic]] / [[Toyland]]
|relief=Very Flat / Flat / Hilly / Mountainous / Mixed
|towns=Low/Normal/High (the "No. of towns" setting)
|industries=Low/Normal/High (the "No. of industries" setting)
|realworld=Is your scenario based on any real location? Where? (Use "[[Wikipedia:Location|Location]]" if yes.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should .scn's be uploaded / hosted at?

We don't really know yet. It is known that we will not be able to host them at the wiki and that the administration is currently looking into creating an another means of centralizing the files. In the mean time, we should link to whatever the authors at the forums are linking to. In the case of a wholly new scenario, they can be posted at the forums first and then linked to the attachment.

What about a scenario rating system of some kind?

This is really not possible using MediaWiki. To accomplish a system like this, we would need a custom script of some kind.

I have some ideas/suggestions/feedback on the project. Where should I post them?

To centralize all discussion on this project in one place, please post in List of player-made scenarios.

Miscellaneous resources

Maintain scenarios

This page is for quick maintenance access to all pages in the Scenario namespace. It contains a table with all scenarios, which is sorted by author and name of the scenario.

See also Scenario