The Netherlands
The Netherlands
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This scenario is a perfect copy of the real Netherlands. With in the north the Dutch isles, called: The "Waddeneilanden". In the middle part, the "Veluwe" and of course in the south the "Vaalserberg". This scenario is the perfect one for evey Dutch inhabitent, to exploit the land, just after the end of the second world war. Are you the one that builds up the NS, or the ferry service from Den Helder to Den Burg, maybe the route from the German Ruhr Area? All these things are possible in this fantastic scenario!
Difficulty: Hard
Setting: Climates
Size: 256x256
Relief: Very Flat
Quantity of Towns: High
Quantity of Industries: High
Based on Real World: Netherlands
OpenTTD version: 0.5.2
Author: Luukland
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