United Kingdom
United Kingdom v1.0
Map Information
  • Geography
Approximately correct; Based off height map data from NASA; Placement of lighthouses bares no resemblance to real lighthouses; Major TV Masts are accurately placed
  • Towns / Cities
Populations are approx real 2001 populations / 125; To be included population must be greater than 10,000 in the real world (equivalent to 80 in the game); Towns / Cities have been included on the following basis
  • all cities (officially must be above 100,000)
  • all towns over 60,000
  • all other cities (under 100,000 but with a cathedral)
  • all county towns (towns that originally gave the county its name)
  • other towns of significance (usually geographically significant)
Populations are within 15% accuracy; Locations have been approximated using detailed terrain maps and relative positions; 197 towns in total
  • Industry
The following industries have been based off maps of centres of UK industry
  • Oil Rigs
  • Oil Refineries
  • Oil Wells
  • Coal Mines
  • Coal Power Stations
  • Steel Plants
  • Farms
  • Forests
More than 1 of the same type of industry per town has been enabled to allow more realistic placement; Banks are in all towns big enough (1200 population); Factories are clustered around the major urban areas, particularly in northern England; Iron ore mines are located in Cumbria and Cornwall as these appear to be the only parts of the UK with significant quantities of iron ore
  • General
Mainland Europe and Republic of / Northern Ireland are not yet populated with industries / towns; Some industry placement may need revising due to large distances; Cities become very large in later stages of game, may be better to start with real population / 250 (half current levels)
Difficulty: Easy
Setting: Climates
Size: 2048x2048
Relief: Mixed
Quantity of Towns: Normal
Quantity of Industries: High
Based on Real World: United Kingdom
OpenTTD version: 0.5.0
Author: JonScaife
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