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Check the in-game exchange rate for all listed currencies, and add any new currencies that have been recently introduced.

It is possible to choose from a variety of currency units in the Game options window. All currency exchange rates are based on the value of the British Pound, as that is the currency used by OpenTTD for internal calculations. Note that some of these values have been changed in the Nightly build (since r23056) and are different to those in the current stable (1.1.4). As in real life, some European currencies automatically switch to the Euro after a certain date. It is also possible to create your own currency using the "custom currency" option.

The game options window showing available currency units (OpenTTD 1.1.4)

Currency Code Exchange rates Switch to Euro
Latest stable
(since r23056)
British Pound GBP x1 x1 never
American Dollar USD x2 x2 never
Euro EUR x2 x2 -
Japanese Yen JPY x220 x220 never
Austrian Shilling ATS x20 x27 2002
Belgian Franc BEF x59 x81 2002
Swiss Franc CHF x2 x2 never
Czech Koruna CZK x41 x41 never
Deutsche Mark DEM x3 x4 2002
Danish Krone DKK x11 x11 never
Spanish Peseta ESP x245 x333 2002
Finnish Markka FIM x9 x12 2002
French Franc FRF x10 x13 2002
Greek Drachma GRD x500 x681 2002
Hungarian Forint HUF x378 x378 never
Icelandic Krona ISK x130 x130 never
Italian Lira ITL x2850 x3873 2002
Dutch Guilder NLG x3 x4 2002
Norwegian Krone NOK x12 x12 never
Polish Zloty PLN x6 x6 never
Romanian Leu RON x5 x5 never
Russian Rubles RUR x50 x50 never
Slovenian Tolar SIT x352 x479 2007
Swedish Krona SEK x13 x13 never
Turkish Lira TRY x3 x3 never
Slovak Koruna SKK x52 x60 2009
South Korean Won KRW - x1850 never
Brazilian Real BRL x4 x4 never
Estonain Krooni EEK x20 x31 2011
Custom user defined values