Game options window
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The Game Settings window has had some additions, removals, and reorganization since the last time this was updated.
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Many other options are available: see Advanced Settings, AI settings and Custom graphics (also in the menu on the right).

1. - The game options window. Non-nightly versions miss the selection for the base sounds, versions prior to 0.7.0 miss also the selection for base graphics


Currency units

Select the main currency unit for the game.

Distance units

Select the distance units to Imperial (miles) or Metric (kilometers).

Road vehicles

Select the side of the road that road vehicles drive on, and which side of the track signals appear on.

Town names

Select which country Town names are from in randomly generated games.

To select a grf town name generator, please add the grf at the "NewGRF" on the main screen first.


Select how often to save the game just in case it crashes or you want to revert back. Autosaves will appear in the save\autosave\ directory.


Select the Language used for the interface.

Screen resolution

Select the screen resolution in full screen mode or the window size in window mode.

Screenshot format

Select the Screenshot format.

Base graphics set

Select the base graphics to use in case of multiple sources like DOS, Windows and OpenGFX.

Base sounds set

Select the base sound to use in case of multiple sources like original and OpenSFX.

Base music set

Select the base music set to use in case of multiple sources like TTD, OpenMSX or Scott Joplin Anthology. Unlike other basesets, this can be changed in game.