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keyboard and keyboard_caps are two variables of Openttd.cfg file:

The layout to use for the On screen keyboard. This is a client-setting only, available from r12425 or OpenTTD 0.7.0.


When nothing is entered, the program will use the default keyboard layout for your language.

The characters will appear on the keyboard layout in the same order as you entered them in the string.

keyboard = <String>
keyboard_caps = <String>

Valid options: Any string with 50 displayable characters

Default: <empty>

If some of the characters are invalid a warning message will tell you about it and those characters will be reset ingame.


An example for a Dvorak keyboard layout:

keyboard =      `1234567890[]\',.pyfgcrl/=aoeuidhtns- ;qjkxbmwvz
keyboard_caps = ~!@#$%^&*(){}|"<>PYFGCRL?+AOEUIDHTNS_ :QJKXBMWVZ