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Answers to frequently asked questions and problems with 32 bit graphics in OpenTTD.


I upgraded to 1.2.x, why do the 32 bit graphics not work any more?

The method of providing 32 bit graphics to the game has changed from png graphics inside tar files to NewGRF. The ability to load 32 bit graphics from png/tar files is not available in OpenTTD 1.2.0 and newer.

Where can I find NewGRFs with 32 bit graphics for download?

See the Playing with 32 bpp graphics.

I used to have many more 32 bit graphics before OpenTTD 1.2.0, where are they?

Many 32 bit graphics have not yet been converted from the old format to NewGRFs. This process takes time and is frustrated by license issues. Feel free to help out, sorting out the license stuff and converting the remaining GPL licensed graphics to NewGRF format.

If you want to keep all 32 bit graphics you had previously (including the ones with unclear or restictive licenses), you'll have to do the conversion yourself. knuckles88 has posted instructions on how to do that.

I’ve loaded 32 bit NewGRFs, but the graphics are not there. How come?

It is possible that the 32 bit NewGRF(s) you're using did not request a 32 bit blitter, or the request for the 32 bit blitter failed. In this case you need to exit OpenTTD and change the blitter manually in the configuration file.

Where to find the configuration file is explained in the Readme.txt. It is generally located in an OpenTTD folder inside your personal directory. Find the openttd.cfg file and open it with a plain text editor. In the [misc] section, locate the blitter = entry. Replace this line with blitter = 32bpp-anim, or alternatively add it as an additional line to the end of the [misc] section. Save the file and start OpenTTD.

If you're having troubles with this blitter (game slowed down a lot, or still no 32 bit graphics), then you can try two other blitters. Instead of blitter = 32bpp-anim try blitter = 32bpp-optimized (same as previous, no animation) or blitter = 32bpp-simple (slowest, but reliable).

If you still don't see 32 bit graphics, first make sure that you actually have 32 bit NewGRFs activated and secondly that you've actually followed the instructions correctly.