UK Renewal Set

UK Renewal Set
Artist Pikkabird
Coder Pikkabird

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The UK Renewal Set or UKRS is a set drawn and coded by PikkaBird (with some vehicles by DanMack) that re-introduces improved UK trains into Manual or TTDPatch. It uses some complicated NewGRF features, yet is almost 100% compatible with OpenTTD. The set uses newsounds, which, in the nightlies, makes new running sounds and horns.

It is most probably the most popular Graphic Set in use with OpenTTD due to this and its wide selection of vehicles. Wagons come in different generations, starting with slow, low capacity wagons, and ending with large capacity, fast wagons.

Some features include:

There are 12 steam engines, 15 Diesel Engines (including DMU), 7 electric engines, and 8 futuristic engines, the last available in 2039, and is available for conventional rail. The above features which do no yet work in OTTD have their support being developed.

There is also a small "add on" GRF file adding a few new vehicles to the UKRS, which can be found on the TT-Forums discussion thread.

There is also a industry set that is available as of 0.6.0's inclusion of NewGRF Industries. This replaces the current industries and adds new features such as maximum monthly output, but it is deemed obsolete. PBI [1] and the UKRS Industries Brick Chain [2] are recommended instead.

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