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The scenario is based on a heightmap of Cuba from SRTM data. All the rivers are hand-placed with the help of maps. Cuba is a communist country, where no private transport companies exist. Given the chance,what kind of network would you build on this tropical island?
  • All cities and towns have their original spanish names. Their size is 1/500th of the original.
  • The industries are placed in the balance of real-life economies and game-play.
  • While the scenario is Sub-Tropical, there aren't any deserts; Cuba is a tropical island filled with jungles.
Difficulty: Normal
Setting: Climates
Size: 1024x512
Relief: Mixed
Quantity of Towns: Normal
Quantity of Industries: Normal
Based on Real World: Cuba
OpenTTD version: 0.6.0
Author: Matias
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