Sell entire train


In the original game converting entire rail networks to Monorail or MagLev was a very time consuming and tedious process. Tracks had to be manually removed and replaced with the new technology, and each train and carriage had to be sold off one piece at a time.

Manual offers a vast improvement on this process. Entire trains, carriages and all, are able to be sold off in one click. Alternatively, all of a trains carriages can be sold off at once, leaving the engine and its orders unchanged.

This new feature allows for expedient and efficient upgrade of your system, and is a permanent feature of Manual and cannot be turned on or off.


A train has to be sent to the nearest depot for replacement

/File/en/Manual/SellTrainVehicle.png To sell off just the head engine of a train, click on this icon.
/File/en/Manual/SellEntireTrain.png To sell the entire train, that is the engine and all carriages behind it, click on this icon.
/File/en/Manual/SellAllTrains.png To sell all trains and carriages that are waiting on the depot, click on this icon.
/File/en/Manual/ReplaceAllTrains.png To Replace vehicles all trains in the depot, click on this icon.