Invisible trees

A setting that makes trees invisible when Transparency options are enabled


You're tired of not seeing the wood for the trees? Even with transparent trees it is hard to figure out how the terrain is sloped. With this patch all trees will become invisible when you are in Transparency options mode.


This feature is disabled by default. Either enable this patch through the configure patches -> interface window or use the following syntax in Openttd.cfg:

invisible_trees = true

You can't see the truck loading bay?

Still too hard to figure out a good route for a connecting road...

But you get an excellent view with the invisible trees patch!

This patch has been superseded by the new transparency options GUI, where not just trees but any object type can be configured to become invisible rather than just transparent. To get the same behaviour as with older versions use the following syntax in Openttd.cfg:

invisibility_options = 2

The buttons below each object toggle transparent/invisible.