Troubleshooting Unix

This section cover some of the more common errors that occur in the UNIX/Linux version of OTTD.


Generic Issues (NOT distribution based)

These issues are ones that are not linked to any specific distribution.

GRF x Missing

This most commonly is when you first install the game. To resolve this problem, make sure all the required GRF files are in the 'data' folder. These include:

from the original TTD disk and

from the OTTD Installation.

On some systems there is no way to tell if these are missing with a message. You can run from a shell and see if any messages appear. Please see here for more instructions.


Game is Running Slowly

This could be for a variety of reasons.

You have a slow computer?

Well, what can I say? You need a better computer. Try more RAM or a faster processor. I believe that OTTD works well with a 1.8 GHz processor, 256 MB RAM and a 16 MB Graphics Card, but it will run better with higher specifiactions.

You have 'station spread' on a high level

Station Spread is how many squares apart stations can be from one another. The default is 12, while the max is 64. The higher this number, the slower the game will run.

You are playing on a large map

A large map such as 2048x2048 with a lot of Vehicles, Stations and Industries will slow the game down. Try playing on a better computer, or play on a smaller map in the future.

You have programmes running in the background

The game could be slow as you could have a Virus Checker, a firewall, and much other software running in the background. Try and stop as many processes as possible, using either your distribution's settings window or Control Centre. Alternatively, you could use a BASH shell, Type

ps ux

and then

kill xxxx

where xxxx is the number of the process you want to end.

News is not appearing

This is probably because you have set the settings to off. Use the 'Message Settings' tab on the 'News' toolbar to customise what you receive news reports for and also if you want to turn off the sound it makes too.

News Settings Panel

I don't have any music!

In the main menu, go to the add-ons menu and install a base music pack if you haven't already. OpenMSX is recommended for starters, but you can also download other music packs. If music does not play yet, go into the game settings and select the correct music pack.

If music still does not play, go to the "Sound/Music" menu within a running game. Set music volume to MAX and make sure to click the "Play" button. If music still does not play:

I cannot lower the music volume

Changing the music volume is not always supported on Linux. It depends on your MIDI software. Some MIDI software does not support changing the volume on the fly.

The Game's crashed! Help!

The game could have crashed for many reasons. If you un-paused after adding or removing NewGRFs and it has crashed, tough. For all other reasons, please see GitHub. Make sure you keep your savegames, error logs and any files created.

!Disconnecting Train/Vehicle

You removed a NewGRF that was in use. I got this once and it wrecked my save. Do not remove NewGRFs in a game.