SH '30'


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Cost Speed Weight Power
£30,468 ($60.936) 160 km/h (100 mph) 84 t 3,600 hp (2.685 kW)
Running Costs / year Designed Lifespan Capacity
£2,531 ($5.062) 1965 23 years N/A


This is usually the first electric locomotive available to a player in the game. It isn't any faster than the Floss '47' diesel locomotive, but it's lighter by 28 t, and more powerful with an additional 1080 hp. Therefore, it's an immediate improvement, and usually a good choice for longer, slower trains.

Real-life Equivalent

The SH "30" was really the Rail Class 86 BR Class "86", an electric locomotive capable of speeds of up to 100mph. Primarily designed to pull expresses up and down the West Coast Main Line in Britain. Like the Metro-Cammell DMU these machines date from the early 1960's and the original West Coast Line Electrification scheme. Incredibly, some are still used today to pull the occasional train on the West Coast Line, and used more so in East Anglia.

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