Opuszczone budowle 32bpp

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Ta strona zawiera opuszczone budynki 32bpp i inne duszki. Nie są używane w grze, ale mogą służyć jako źródło inspiracji.

Budynki miejskie

Nazwa Autor Obrazek Comentarze
1×1 country house StefSybo /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/StefSybo - 001.png Abandoned (I have sent him a PM and It was not read)
1×1 temperate flats dmh_mac /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Dmh mac - 002.png Good, but It doesn't have construction stages.
1×1 cinema Off the Rails /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Cinema32.png Latest model here.
1×1 tall Processor(POL) /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/1x1tall.jpeg
1×1 Park Aracirion /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/1x1park1.png Useful as a new house.
1×1 church Aracirion /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Aracirion - 001.png Abandoned. Useful as a new house.
1x1 Flats Aracirion /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Red Flats E.png
1x1 shops Aracirion /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/1x1 shop L.png
1x1 warehouse Aracirion /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Aracirion - 002.png
1x1 tall flats Aracirion /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Office block 1b.png
1×1 office block Blenderist /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Blenderist 1x1tall flats.png
2x2 Football Stadium TagDaze /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Tag-stadium.jpeg
1x1 shops BerberJesus 1 2 /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/0003b.png
1x1 theater Ben Robbins 1
1x1 Shops and offices Czestmyr /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Czestmyr - 001.png
1x1 house and pool Ben_Robbins_ /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/House and pool .png
1x1 Shops and offices Gramble /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Shopsandoffices Upload.png
1x1 2 compact cottages Ben Robbins /File/en/Development/NewGRF/Bungaloes.png
HQ Director DirtY iCE /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/HQ full.png

Budynki przemysłowe

Name Author Picture Comments
Coal Mine Slye_Fox /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/CoalMine32 1.png Coal mine was released in .max file format.
Oil Rig Wacki /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Oil rig.png
Bank (temperate) Heathen /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Bank091007-3.png link to the latest model
Papermill Berberjesus /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/PaperMill32.png Awesome, but It doesn't file in the original sprite layout, but It can be released as new industry.

Stare drzewa

Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Small /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Acersaccharum1-smallspring.png /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Acersaccharum1-smallsummer.png /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Acersaccharum1-smallautumn.png /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Acersaccharum1-smallwinter.png
Medium /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Acersaccharum1-mediumspring.png /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Acersaccharum1-mediumsummer.png /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Acersaccharum1-mediumautumn.png /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Acersaccharum1-mediumwinter.png
Full Grown /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Acersaccharum1-largespringblossm.png /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Acersaccharum1-largesummer.png /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Acersaccharum1-largeautumn.png /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Acersaccharum1-largewintersnow.png
Dead /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Acersaccharum1-smallwinter.png

/File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Acersaccharum1-largewinter.png
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