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Download my Scenarios:

Whole Europe based on NASA SRTM-Data:
Size 2048x2048

Whole World based on a geographical height map:
Size 8192x4096

Whole Germany and parts of Netherlands based on SRTM-Date:
Size 4096x4096
Scenario coming soon...

Training-Scnenario, perfect for teaching TTD to new players:
Size 256x256

Mega-Scenario, only land, lot of cities and industries:
Size 2048x2048

Scenario presentation thread in the TT-forums:

Some general information regarding my scenarios:
- Updated regulary for changes or new builds of TTD (but old versions should still work).
- Actual version "v3" of all scenarios.
- Besides the training- and mega-scenario i try to base all my scenarios on NASA SRTM-Data and try to include lakes, rivers and a good number of towns. Because the world-scenario was to large for merged DEMs from SRTM (read or i would have to scale them down too much) i just a geographical height map, that should be very realistic, too.
- I use some GRFs (graphics enhancements) in all maps, that are DBSetXL, GermanTramSet, NewStations, PlaneSet.
- You should be able to play all scenarios without these GRFs, but i will provide a zip- download containing all four. All rights stay at their coders and if one coder has a problem with me redistributing his work please contact me.
- GRFs used in my scenarios, download link: Download
- All my scenario downloads include a version to start in 1920 and one to start in 1950.
- more to come...

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