Road Construction (old)

The Old style Road construction window applies to the Original TT, Original TTD, TTDPatch, and OpenTTD Prior to 0.3.4 . For the new window, see Roadway construction.

Constructing Roads

You can start constructing by pressing the road build button /File/en/Manual/Manual html ma6d6c8c.png on the menu bar. Once clicked the Road Construction window pops up (Fig 1).

Fig 1. - The Original Road Build Window

What do all these buttons do?

The buttons are self-explanatory. From left to right:

  • /File/en/Manual/Build road.png Build road buttons: Builds a road in the selected direction, you can click and drag for all roads.
  • /File/en/Manual/Clear title.png Clear land button
  • /File/en/Manual/Lower land.png Lower land button
  • /File/en/Manual/Raise land.png Raise land button
  • /File/en/Manual/Build roaddepot.png Build depot button: Opens the depot build window for you to select a depot direction to build.
  • /File/en/Manual/Build busstation.png Build bus stop button: Opens the bus stop build window for you to select a bus stop direction to build.
  • /File/en/Manual/Build truckstation.png Build truck stop button: Opens the truck stop build window for you to select a truck stop direction to build.
  • /File/en/Manual/Build roadbridge.png Build bridge button
  • /File/en/Manual/Build roadtunnel.png Build tunnel button
  • /File/en/Manual/Toggle clear active.png Toggle clear button: When you select another tool and this you can remove that item.
  • /File/en/Manual/Buy land.png Buy land Button