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Roadways (also known as Roads) are basic transports that used to make for a good starting network as they are quick, cheap, and easy to build. A roadway network will not be as profitable as a good railway network. However, Feeder services built out of roadways can effectively complement a train network.


Roadway construction toolbar

Click the roadway build button /File/en/Manual/Road build button.png on the menu bar to display the roadway construction toolbar.

Road construction toolbar

Functions of the buttons (from left to right):

Button Action Shortcut Description
/File/en/Manual/Build road.png Build road buttons 1, 2 Builds a road in the selected direction; you can click and drag. Note that this works with half-tile precision. If you e.g. click in the right half of a tile and then drag to the right the road will start with a half tile. The same applies for the end tile.
/File/en/Manual/Autoroad.png Autoroad button 3 A very efficient tool to build roads sections in any direction (while might be difficult to use at first). If used with Ctrl key pressed, easily removes sections.
/File/en/Manual/Clear title.png Clear land button 4 Clears tiles.
/File/en/Manual/Build roaddepot.png Build depot button 5 Opens the depot window for you to orient and build a depot.
/File/en/Manual/Build busstation.png Build passenger station button 6 Opens the bus stop window for you to orient and build a bus stop.
/File/en/Manual/Build truckstation.png Build freight station button 7 Opens the truck station window for you to orient and build a truck stop.
/File/en/Manual/Oneway roads.png Activate One Way Roads button 8 Allows you to build a one-way roads.
/File/en/Manual/Build roadbridge.png Build bridge B Allows you to build a bridge.
/File/en/Manual/Build roadtunnel.png Build tunnel T Allows you to build a tunnel.
/File/en/Manual/Toggle clear active.png Toggle clear R (CTRL) Select another tool and then this to remove that item. You can toggle the state by pressing Ctrl.

Besides building on flat land roads, depots and stations can also be built on slopes.

Building road vehicles

To build a road vehicle, place a Depots and then click it. You will be presented with the depot window. Select "Build new vehicles" and a new window will pop up with a list of vehicles. Select one and click "Buy Vehicle" at the bottom of this window. The vehicle will appear in the depot window and the vehicle's control window will open. Give it orders or refit it as necessary, then click on the red "Stopped" button to get it rolling!

Building one-way roads

The sign with the arrow is the one-way build button

One-way roads are built by using the normal road build tools and clicking on the one-way road button. Roads will then be one-way in the direction they are dragged. One-way roads may also be built over previously built roads, but only if they are player-owned. Only the entrance tile to a stretch of roads needs to be one-way. Blocking tiles are built by dragging one way to build, then dragging over the other way.

All possible One-Way roads

The image shows all the possible roads. The first two show the one-way in the specific directions. The third one is a both-one-way road or to be more specific, it's a blocking tile. No vehicle can cross it (as the grf shows). The last one is the default road without any one-way direction. One-way bridges are not possible (yet?).

Trams ignore whether the road is one-way or blocking. They'll always run over it in both ways.

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