Nonuniform stations

A setting that allows you to build arbitrary stations.


Nonuniform stations don't have to be rectangular and don't need to have aligned platforms. In the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe, all platforms of a station had to be of the same length, they all had to be in the same direction and the platforms should all be positioned neatly next to each other. The Nonuniform Stations feature in OpenTTD changes this. Thanks to this feature, every platform can be of a different length, and do not have to be in the same direction nor in a neat row. They can also be of different types with MagLev and Monorail and Normal tracks all in the same station.

To create a nonuniform station you can simply place all the different parts of a station next to each other. It is also possible to remove single pieces of a station by first clicking on the "build station" button /File/en/Manual/Build station.png, then on the "removal" button /File/en/Manual/Toggle clear active.png and finally on the station piece.


This option is enabled by default. Either disable this option through the Advanced Settings -> stations window or use the following syntax in Openttd.cfg:

nonuniform_stations = false

1. - A nonuniform station example

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