My OpenTTD Suggestions


My OpenTTD Suggestions

Here are some of my suggestions for OpenTTD, currently only for personal reference


  1. AI assistant
    • AI tasked with creating routes & vehicles (Human builds infrastructure)
  2. option to switch between TTD mode and OpenTTD mode
    • these should be configuration presets
    • see below for proposed settings
  3. towns buy company-owned roads when inside inner city limits (area inside "tree circle")
  4. (Cheat)switching between companies should lapse
  5. option to restrict roads to 3x3 (2x2) grid
  6. when a company goes bankrupt, don't destroy its road bridges and tunnels


  1. right-click de-selects current tool
  2. build town roads
    • cheaper than private roads (since subsidized)
  3. remove Depot orientation and Station orientation window
    • orientation automatic when possible (especially for road stations)
    • orientation set by dragging to edge (depot displayed but not placed)
  4. advanced Autoslope, with the ability to raise/lower constructions
    • should make fine-tuning rail lines easy


  1. Advanced Settings in tab, not tree view for Interface, Construction ... (like before)
  2. vehicle capacities summed
    • only different railcars displayed (with a multiplier before them) and the total capacity thereof
  3. a single shortcut key for removal of objects (i.e. like CTRL+placement tool, e.g. CTRL+Autorail vs. R for signals)
  4. alternate raise/lower ground by holding (e.g.) ALT key
  5. selecting "railway construction" automatically selects the Autorail tool
  6. station window should display "Supplies: ..." below "Accepts: ..."
  7. autmatically sort vehicle lists by cargo type
    • alternatively, setting up filters (e.g. if train has passenger carriage -> assign to group "passenger train")
  8. manage railcars from Vehicle lists
    • e.g. build a Passenger Carriage and drag it to Train 12. This will instruct the train to go to a depot and have the railcar added
    • likewise moving railcars on train set
  9. replace vehicles without track type selection (in the works?)

OpenTTD Mode

Settings I think should be enabled by default (I took the wiki pages as reference for default settings):


  1. Link landscape toolbar to rail/road/water/airport toolbars: On
  2. Position of the main toolbar: center
    • since most people have large displays (>= 1024*768)
  3. Automatically pause when starting a new game: On
  4. Default rail type (after new game/game load): Most used


  1. Forbid trains and ships to make 90 deg turns: On
  2. Disable servicing when breakdowns set to none: On
  3. Train accelleration model: Realistic
  4. Enable multiple NewGRF engine sets: On
    • especially useful for new players. This would also prevent some crashes where trains were replaced then reverted back to defaults, right?!


  1. Road layout for new towns: better roads
  2. Remove absurd road-elements during the road construction: On


I'm not so sure how these suggestions might alter the feel of TT, so I singled them out for now

  1. shares bought in competing companies should add to company value (% of shares * company value)
    • likewise, you should receive money when your shares are bought
    • at the end of the year, the increase in company value should be paid to investors/owners
    • companies owning shares in each other should be no problem, since 50/50 merges can't happen
  2. ability to invest in vehicle research, so, e.g. Maglev would be available sooner
  3. ability to build platforms
    • similar to bridges, but tile by tile
    • the size of a tile
    • anything can be built on them, even diagonally (maybe even stations, i.e. multi-level stations)
    • default surface: concrete (foundation texture)
  4. shared road & ship depots
    • anybody can use them, but they remain owned by the builder
    • I'm curious about the Shared infrastructure patch

And of course:

  1. Voxel rendering engine ;)