Aviators Aircraft Set

Aviators Aircraft Set
Artist Pikkabird
Coder Pikkabird

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The Aviators Aircraft Set, which was also known as Av8, which is a play on the word Aviate, is an Aircraft NewGRF set for TTDPatch and Manual created by PikkaBird.

There is a large range of planes from early propeller aircraft and airships in 1920 to 2050, with larger planes like the A380. The set is renowned for utilising different graphics for taxiing, and takeoff and landing, giving a more realistic view on planes.

The set, like the UK Renewal Set, uses new sounds. Unlike the UK Renewal Set, this does not include running sounds, but landing and take off sounds.

Unlike traditional drawing for TTD, many planes in av8 were created by creating full 3d models, which were then rendered and resized to TTD scale, in a similar manner to how graphics for the new graphics engine will be created, and how Locomotion's graphics were created.

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