FAQ general questions

This FAQ covers general questions about OpenTTD.


Why it is called OpenTTD?

Because it is an open source Transport Tycoon Deluxe clone. Which means that the sources are available for all to read. By Open, It does not mean that everyone can add all they want to the code base. It is maintained by a group of people called devs, short for developers. Code can be supplied to them, and can be included upon certain conditions.

What's the latest version of OpenTTD?

The current stable release of OpenTTD is 1.10.3. There are also the bleeding-edge nightly builds and the SVN version that you can use but they are not official releases and are likely to contain bugs and half-finished features. If you're having trouble deciding which version of OpenTTD you should use, read the OpenTTD version FAQ.

Where can I download it?

From openttd.org. Also look at the Download section.

Under which license is OpenTTD released?

OpenTTD is released under the GNU General Public License. As such, the source code is freely available.

What do I need to play it?

You have two options to play:

In both cases please read the instructions how to install them / where to put the base set files (found in the OpenTTD readme, section 4.2 and also instructions are found in the OpenGFX/SFX readme files).

For singleplayer, you also need to install an AI in order to enable competing companies, see Installation#installing-ai.

How do I use the newgrf sets?

Click here for information on using the newgrf sets, or see NewGRF for more advanced options.

What is the earliest year I can start my freeplay game?

The default starting year is 1950. Slightly before that (in 1925), the first default vehicles are introduced by the game.

If you want to start earlier, there are NewGRFs which introduce vehicles and houses as early as 1700, including eGRVTS, Sailing Ships, and Improved Town Layouts.

Note that the game does not end at 2050, you can continue to play after that (until the year 5000000 or so, which should be sufficient for most cases /File/en/Face-Smiley-120px.png ). Make sure to enable the 'vehicles never expire' option.