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Stable releases

You can download the latest stable game files for your Operating system from, where you can choose between binaries, source or installer type of download.

In addition you will need game data files (e.g. graphics, sound effects). You can either use the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe data files or our free alternatives OpenGFX Readme (download graphics), Sound Effects Replacement (download sound) and OpenMSX (download music) which you can download at the same location as well.

For installation see the installation FAQ for details.

Testing and development versions

Testing and nightly releases

  • Regularly testing releases or beta versions of upcoming stable releases will be available. These builds shall make sure that the game gets some testing before the next stable release so that it doesn't contain any serious bugs. Download testing (will redirect to latest stable, if currently unavailable)
  • You can download the Nightly build binaries from Each of the supported OS's precompiled version can be found in the appropriate folder.

Translating OpenTTD

Translations are made via the web interface. But you can test translations prior to editing the strings in the translation system also locally. This is especially helpful with tricky cases where the immediate use of a string is not clear on first sight:

  • Get the last nightly version of the game and get the matching strgen which allows you to re-compile the language files for immediate testing with the OpenTTD version.

Obtaining the source code

  • If you have a compiler, you can always get the newest source from the Git server. Read up on the VCS servers at

If you don't plan to compile the language files yourself, you can get the lng files from the nightly build zip files, found above.

You can get the current source via GitHub.