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BRTrains is a NewGRF set coded in NML with only real-life liveries, (no Company Colours, sorry), spanning all eras of the British Railway history.


GRF History

Development began in April 2016, with the goal to finally use all the vehicles created for various real-world liveried train sets over the years, into a fully coded set which could build and grow over time.

The set draws artwork for numerous different artists from the tt-forums community, yet all drawn to the same scale.


  • A Full Array of British Rail Classes (and sub-classes) covering the history of British Railways
  • Real-World Liveries for each Class, Refittable at the Player's Choice.
  • Algorithm driven Purchase and Running Costs to ensure that all trains are competitive.
  • Vast Collection of Rolling Stock covering all standard TTD cargo classes. Later to include ECS/FIRS/etc.

Version History


  • 26/05/17 - 0.3.4
  • Fix: Corrected Wrongly Animated Colours
  • Feature: BR Class 222 'Meridian' and 222/1 'Pioneer'


GRF Parameters

Function Details
Running Sounds The following options are available:

Disabled - No Running Sounds Active.
Enabled - Running Sounds Active

Max Speed The following options are available:

Service Speed - Maximum Speeds Used In Real-Life Service
Design Speed - Maximum Speeds As Designed by Real-Life Manufacturer

Download and Discussion

Download the GRF from Bananas, the OpenTTD in-game content system. You can discuss the grf on the forum thread.

Features and Vehicles


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