Quad Branch-Merge Junction

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Quad Branch Merge Junction
|en=Quad Branch-Merge Junction
|es=Cruce con ramales cuádruples
|fr=Fusion de branches quadruple
|hu=Csomópont/Négyszeres elágazó-egyesülő
|it=Fusione rami quadruplo
[[image:QuadBranchMergeJunction.png|none|thumb|500px|Quad Branch-Merge Junction]]
{{Template:Junction_Criteria|Very High|4|1|1|2|1|1|0|1|0|0|0||Broken down trains only affect the one track.|
* Can handle a huge amount of traffic
<!--The '''Quad Branch-Merge Junction''' is the direct evolution of the [[Branch-Merge Junction]] and [[Dual Branch-Merge Junction]]; allowing four entrances and four exits, in essence doubling the appropriation power of a Dual Branch-Merge Junction.  Although still in its infancy, the quad branch-merge junction is able to handle quite a load of [[Mammoth trains|large trains]] (20 cars) with very few backups. ([[:Image:NewQBMJ.png|Figure A]])
<center>[[image:NewQBMJ.png|thumb||500px|Figure A.]]</center>
I had a Dual Branch merge Junction in the center of my map just for kicks and it wasn't big enough after I got 150 or so trains on my map, so I was searching for something bigger and couldn't find anything.  After comparing the single branch merge and double branch merge I found a close enough ration to double the dual branch merge into a Quad Branch Merge.  It seems to be able to accommodate 10-15 trains at a time, but it is only a few days old.. so we'll seeAny suggestions or modifications are very welcome I'd like it to be able to handle as many trains as possible as fast as possible.
Speculation of [[New Bridges|angled track]] in the [[nightly build]]s under existing [[bridges]] will allow at least a 50% increase in [[trains|train]] speed; eliminating eight turns that currently reduce it to below 100mph (161km/h)The sharpest turns are illustrated in [[:Image:Sharpcorners.PNG|Figure B]]:
[[image:quadbranchmergejunction.png|thumb|Quad Branch Merge]]
<center>[[image:Sharpcorners.PNG|thumb|center|500px|Figure B.]]</center>-->
[[Category:Train Junctions]]
I've modified the layout a little bit, eradicating 8 sharp corners making the trains run a little smoother.
That screen shot is of the OLD layout.  New screenshot to come after more stress testing of the layout.
[[image:NewQBMJ.png|thumb|New Quad Branch Merge]]
The new layout is in the latest screenshot.  I've taken out 16 more sharp corners rerouting an initial entrance under some of the diagonal track to relieve some pressure and allow for faster transporting.  There are still 12 sharp corners I haven't been able to work around.

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Quad Branch-Merge Junction
Junction Criteria
CostVery High
Construction DifficultyVery Hard
Broken down trains only affect the one track.
Sharpest Turn2
Split Before MergeYes
Direct PathsNo
Natural TurnsYes
Signal type Any
  • Can handle a huge amount of traffic
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