Ultimate 3-way junction for 4 tracks

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Railway Junctions
Junction Criteria

3-Way junctions

Basic 3-Way
Line Merge
Half Cloverleaf
Half Spaghetti
Compact 3-Way
Compact 3-Way B-M Junction
Ultimate 3-way
Half Transmogrified
Braided Junction

4-Way junctions

Basic 4-Way
Complex Star
High Speed 4-Way Fly-over/under
Pre-Signaled Roundabout
Advanced Roundabout
Right-of-way Roundabout
Improved Roundabout
Deepblue2k8 4-way Junction

Enormous junctions

Multi-way/multi-track cloverleaves
Dual Tetrathorp
Dual Transmogrified
Dual Branch-Merge
Quad Branch-Merge
Quad Tetrathorp
6-tuple Branch-Merge
8-Way Star
High Speed 4-way

Other junctions

Right-of-way Depot
Dual tunnels
Sideline U Turn
Right-of-way Lane Change
Right-of-way Merge

Track Layouts

4-Way Triple Axial
4-Way Triple Axial 2
Triple Via Mini
High Hill

Unuseful junctions

3/4ths junction
Ultimate 3-way junction for 4 tracks

Ultimate 3-way junction for 4, no bridges
Ultimate 3-way junction for 4, bridges


  • Traffic jams unlikely.
  • Can handle a large number of trains at a time.
  • Trains that don't have to make a turn can go past it.


  • Some trains must slow down to climb a slope.
  • Difficult to build correctly on the first try.
  • Sharp turns slow trains down.
  • Outer tracks have to run on a higher level than the inner two.
  • Takes quite some space.
  • Long bridges.


  • Start by building the "short diagonal" track first.
  • The first image above shows the junction without the bridges. Build this first and save the bridges for the last, otherwise you won't be able to see what you're doing. Or click "x" to make buildings invisible.
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