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This article or section is outdated. Some of its content may no longer be accurate due to changes in the latest release. Please update this article.
References outdated forum threads etc. The 32bpp project referred to in this section is, as of 2017, dead
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Construction Site

Name Author Picture File Comments
Digger Ben_Robbins_ /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Ben Robbins Jcb 182.jpeg N/A WIP
Crane Ben_Robbins /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Ben Robbins Crane 164.jpeg N/A WIP
Cement truck (agitator) lowman /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Lowman Truck 29 06 165.png N/A DONE
Construction crane Gorre /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Gorre crane a.png N/A DONE


Name Author Picture File Comments
Cars dmh_mac /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Dmh mac 11-cars-a 112.png Download WIP

Town Stuff

Name Author Picture File Comments
BT red phonebox Off the Rails /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/OtR Phonebox.png N/A WIP
Power line Processor(PL) /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Power line.jpeg


Industrial Buildings

Name Author Picture File Comments
Oil tank LordAzamath /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Oil tank.png Wed Jan 30, 2008 5:31 am ( link )
It can be useful for new stations.
Forest dmh_mac /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/ForestTile.png 2005.05.23 (posted), 2007.11.05 (uploaded) ( in the forum ) WIP
Farm Ben_Robbins_ /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/FarmNG.jpeg 13.01.06 WIP
Factory Processor(POL) /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Factory.jpeg 21.06.06 WIP
Oil Wells Meush /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Oilwell mix 216.png 02/10/2005 WIP