32bpp graphics development tracker (extra zoom)
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This article or section is outdated. Some of its content may no longer be accurate due to changes in the latest release. Please update this article.
References outdated forum threads etc. The 32bpp project referred to in this section is, as of 2017, dead
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32bpp Project

This is the 32bpp "Extra Zoom Level" graphics tracker, for the Extra Zoom Levels Project. Click on a category below to see what's been done and what needs to be done.

Terrain / Landscaping

Ground Terrain Grass, Sand, Soil, Pavements...
59% completed


Trees Terrain Trees, Bushes, Flowers...
20% completed


Misc Terrain Landscape buildings, hedges, fences...
13% completed


Water Water, shore, rivers...
20% completed


Tracks / Roads / Airports / Canals

Base Tracks All the track pieces that go on standard terrains.
37% completed


Bridges Tracks Bridge pieces.
43% completed


Tunnels Tracks Tunnel Entrances.
26% completed


Stations Tracks Stations, Ports, Airports...
59% completed


Misc Tracks Signals, wires, rail fences....
75% completed


Buildings (except stations)

Industrial Buildings Any Industry buildings should go here.
45% completed


City Buildings Office Blocks, Sky Scrapers, stores, Football fields...
79% completed


HeadQuarters Buildings Company Head quarters.
83% completed



Road Vehicles Buses, trucks, cars...
81% completed


Air Vehicles Helicopters, Planes, blimps...
12% completed


Water Vehicles Boats, hovercraft, subs...
0% completed


Rail Vehicles Trains, Trams, Maglev, Monorail...
22% completed


Misc Vehicles UFOs...
75% completed



GUI Signs, Buttons, skins, pointers...
75% completed




Total Bridge Renewal Set

0% completed


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