Licence graphique 32 bits
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As a rule, all 32bpp graphics that are intended to be used in the total conversion set need to be licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or any compatible license.


Artist declarations

The following artists have made a license declaration, thus making their work available for the project.


my files are all GPL.

— Jan 2nd 2007 on tt-forums


I release all my works under GPL V2. You can use them for any 32bpp packs you want, as long as you give credits.

— Feb 22nd 2010 on tt-forums


Do whatever you want with them. Re-release in a pack with GPL2/3, or whatver.

— Jan 13th 2010 on tt-forums

Ben Robbins

I'm stating now that all sprites which I have posted here (tt-forum) as a .tar file are GPLv2. Preview images and .rar's, unless I have otherwise stated, are just for previews, and are here to gather opinions, but are not publicly released, and not for cutting up/reassembling. Any files which I post onto Jupix's file repository or the wiki are GPLv2 likewise.

— Jan 8th 2010 on tt-forums


my brother cadaver and I gave permission to use all our models under license gpl V2.

— Sep 25th 2010 on tt-forums by northstar2


Of course "My trucks are released under GPLv2"

— Oct 21st 2010 on tt-forums


I have decide to release the blendfiles I made for openttd. I have chosen to release them under the creative commons attribution share alike licence, but if and when Openttd requires it I will rerelease the files under a different licence (i.e. GPL).

— Jan 23rd 2008 on tt-forums


I release any tars or png files I've uploaded in this forum or on Jupix repository up til this moment under the GPL-2 and GPL-3 licence. I grant permission to any user of this forum or OpenTTD developer to redistribute them in a larger graphics pack or to modify them as needed. This includes also the toolbar tar, for which I have JoeD's permission to use the sprites he created. One exception: the town houses that I created (viewtopic.php?p=722362#p722362) are a derivative work of DMH_Mac's work, maybe not recognizable as such. I do have his permission to modify and distribute that, but he released his work under the CC-BY-SA licence, so I'm bound to that for redistribution, and you'll have to contact him if you want to relicence it.

— Jan 11th 2010 on tt-forums


I hereby state that my foundations are public domain, so you can do whatever you want with them as long as you credit me.

— Feb 28th 2010 on tt-forums


The stuff I make for OpenTTD is free to be released and used in any kind of "pack" for OpenTTD. I have never stated that it is GPL, so this serves as the license for it to be used without sources.
j0rdax hasn't released his graphics under GPL so they can never can be included in any official pack...yet

— Oct 2nd 2010 on tt-forums


Whatever stuff you find that is done by me and want to use it, be free to do so.. If gpl v2 was the best solution for you, then mine are released under that (unless stated otherwise at the posting itself, as I can't recall if I have released/posted anything with any licence at all (unlikely) ).

— Feb 28th 2010 on tt-forums


I allow the use of my graphics in projects with GPL license.

— Jan 13th 2010 on tt-forums


my brother cadaver and I gave permission to use all our models under license gpl V2.

— Sep 25th 2010 on tt-forums


I release my graphics of this building under the GPLv2 license. I grant the community permission to alter it, code it and include it in any package.

— Sep 1th 2010 on tt-forums


I release all my works under GPL V2 or CC-BY-SA 3.0. You can use them for any 32bpp packs you want, as long as you give credits.

— Jan 15th 2010 on tt-forums


I allows my graphics under GPL. Enyone can use it!!!

— Aug 30th 2010 on tt-forums


Please feel free to include the signals (or any of my other work, like the crossings) and distribute them under the GPL v2 license.

— Apr 8th 2010 on tt-forums


Any license you want; Creative Commons (any variant) or GPL are fine.

— Mar 5th 2010 on tt-forums