NewGRF List

This is an incomprehensive list of NewGRF sets for OpenTTD. The most up to date list can always be obtained from the online content. When adding a new set, please be careful not to break the table format.

Other sources to find NewGRFs:

Rail vehicles
Country-specific Sets Non-Specific / Generic Sets Trains M&M's Monorail & Maglev Set Single Engines Wagons Misc
Rail Stations, Depots & Waypoints
Depot Waypoints Buffers & Bumpers
Rail infrastructure
Traditional Rail & Electric Rail Sets Monorail & Maglev Track Sets Universal Track Sets Non-Rail Track Alternatives
  • Cablecar adds catenary-only track for overhead cable cars
  • PIPE transfers liquid cargoes via pipeline
  • Trackless Tracks eyecandy invisible tracks with pavements to fill in gaps and create seamless transitions between tiles
  • Useless Tracks for planning future rail lines
  • WIRES (Welcome Innovation Regarding Electricity Shipment) adds new cargo "electricity" and catenary-only track to transport it
  • Wired adds rail control signals and new cargo "e-mail"
Old Rail NewGRFs (These sets may glitch and not display correct graphics): Catenary Crossings Fences Signals Tunnels (note: 'Enhanced Tunnels' support found only in TTDPatch, not OpenTTD)
Road vehicles
Buses Trucks Trams Mixed Bus/Truck/Tram Sets Miscellaneous Vehicle Sets
Road infrastructure


Bridges: Tram Tracks: Rivers, Canals & Aqueducts NewObjects Misc
Aircraft and ships
Aircraft Sets Single Aircraft Ships Airports & Transmitters Docks, Lighthouses & Depots
Houses / Building Sets
Headquarters Individual Buildings
Industries and Landscape
Industries: Foundations Landscape: Base Graphics Sets
  • OpenGFX Readme - the default 8bpp graphics that comes with OpenTTD
  • OpenGFX Extra Zoom - 8bpp OpenGFX-style graphics in 2x and 4x zoom levels
  • zBase - 32bpp Blender-style graphics in 2x and 4x zoom levels
Landscape Conversions Day-to-Night Conversions
    • NightTTD conversion of original TTD graphics
    • NightGFX conversion of OpenGFX graphics
Toyland-to-Mars Conversions Toyland-to-Brickland Conversions NewGRF Objects
Collections (Full sets for one region) Misc

NewGRF Roadtypes and TramTypes (NRT) Projects

NewGRF Roadtypes and TramTypes (NRT, also previously known as "NotRoadTypes" or "Road & Tram Types"), is a new feature of OpenTTD, available in version 1.10 and patch packs under development. These NewGRFs will not work with older versions of OpenTTD. NRT offers 64 types of road and tram foundations, as well as vehicles to take advantage of them.

NRT Roads

NRT Vehicles