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Train acceleration
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A vehicle is one of the fundamental entities in the game.


There are 6 recognised vehicle types in the VehicleType enum:


The Vehicle struct has many variables and methods. Some of the important ones are:

VehicleTypeByte type The vehicle type
PlayerByte owner owner of the vehicle
TileIndex tile
int32 x_pos
int32 y_pos
byte z_pos
Its current location
x_pos and y_pos are world coordinates in 1/16th of a tile.
byte spritenum
uint16 cur_image
byte sprite_width
byte sprite_height
Sprite infomation
TextEffectID fill_percent_te_id a text-effect id to a loading indicator object
uint16 max_speed
byte subspeed
Speed of the train
byte acceleration
uint16 max_speed
Acceleration and max speed
byte vehstatus Status
CargoID cargo_type
uint16 cargo_cap
Type and amount of cargo
Order *orders Linked list of orders
Entering and leaving a station

There are many more methods and variables than this. For more info, see vehicle_base.h and vehicle.cpp. Vehicles are all subclassed, so there are other more specific methods and variables for trains, etc.