Transport company

In OpenTTD, a Transport Company is the basic premise of OpenTTD. Your main role in the game is to operate such a company that can transport resources between Industries and Towns using Vehicles. A transport company can be player controlled or AI controlled.

Transport companies are run by a Transport Manager (which for your company is you).

Company Window

The Company window is where you can customise your Company's look, including the name, the colour scheme, and the manager(you). It is also possible to build a Headquarters. Some players find it is best to open this window and complete this information first, but it is unnecessary to do it at the start, and can be done at any time. When you first interact with the landscape in any way, a company name will be randomly generated for you. Usually this is the name of the town closest to where your activity started, but sometimes some humourous names are chosen.

The company window.

There are up to fourteen company colours to choose from, but if a competitor has the colour you were looking for, it will be removed from the list. Once your colour is selected, all infrastructure and vehicles belonging to you will change to that colour instantaneously. Again, a colour is selected for you at random at the start of the game, so you may find that in multiplayer your colour is not available from the start.

The company value is a score to your game playing based on your stations facilities and price, your vehicles price and your real money(money - loan) and it is 1 at min.

During multiplayer screens, the Company password button will become available to set the password.


A transport company uses Vehicles including Trains, Ships, Road vehicles, and Aircraft to transport cargo between Stations using Orders.

Local authorities regulate transport company expansion in its area of influence. Local authorities may also offer lucrative subsidies for transport companies that will create certain routes. In addition they may fund new Industries, borrow and repay loans, and purchase all or a portion of another transport comapny.

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