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Ships are the largest capacity Vehicles in OpenTTD, often with the capacity of a small train. However, their slow speed is a large liability. This means a ship can take losses for long periods, until it delivers its goods and earns revenue. While it is possible to have a game only using ships, it is quite difficult. Their biggest advantage is in low infrastructure costs: any number of ships can use a port, and they don't need to be routed or queued like the other three vehicles. This makes them ideal for routes with very high volume (especially large cities, since the hovercraft ferry is fast for a ship). Another common use is to transport oil from rigs, since these have a built-in dock. Below is a list of all ships in the game. Click on the name of a ship to get its statistics and details.

List of Ships

Temperate/Arctic/Tropical Toyland
Passenger Ships

Oil Tankers

No Oil Tankers in Toyland
Cargo Ships

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