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OpenTTD 개발 매뉴얼 OpenTTDGPL 하에 개발되는 오픈 소스 프로젝트입니다. 소스 코드를 온라인에서 보거나 최신 소스 코드 트리를 FAQ development (en)을 통해 다운로드받을 수도 있습니다. 소스를 수정하였다면 패치 트래커에 코드 변경사항을 담은 diff 파일을 등록할 수 있습니다.


목표 - OpenTTD의 장기 목표로, 미래에 OpenTTD 개발이 나아가야 할 길을 정의해주는 미션들입니다.

Recent and Current Developments (en) shows the developments in trunk since the last major release as well as the purpose of the branches in our FAQ development (en) repository.

The Todo list (en) contains tasks which require no detailed knowledge of then OpenTTD code base. Look here if you want to get involved with the development of OpenTTD, but are unsure with what task to get started.

The latest changes to the OpenTTD FAQ development (en) tree are on the service (RSS feed also available)


하위 프로젝트

Development documentation

Help with coding

In the list below are some tips, and helpful tidbits to help you code/debug and get your patches to be accepted swiftly and without problems to the source
  • Coding style (en) - to keep a coherent feel of the code, we ask you to code your patches in the following style
  • Debugging (en)
  • Strings (en) - with the string system being not too userfriendly, this might help you on your way