Railway toolbar overview
Button Action Shortcut Description
/File/en/Manual/Build rail.png Build Railways 1,2,3,4 Builds track(s) in the selected direction, you can click and drag for non-diagonal tracks. Not as efficient as Autorail tool, though.
/File/en/Manual/Build autorail.png Autorail A or 5 A very efficient tool to build tracks in any direction (while might be difficult to use at first). If used with Ctrl key pressed, easily removes tracks.
/File/en/Manual/Clear title.png Clear land 6 The dynamite tool is used to clear squares of either your own track you've built wrong, or anything that's in your way (well, not anything). Be aware that clicking on station will remove the whole station when there are no trains on it. For one-by-one removing station bits use the remove [R] tool + Station /File/en/Manual/Toggle clear active.png+/File/en/Manual/Build station.png.
/File/en/Manual/Build traindepot.png Build depot 7 Opens the depot build window for you to select a depot direction to build and what direction it will be facing.
/File/en/Manual/Build waypoint.png Build waypoint 8 Allows you to build a Waypoints on/over a rail track.
/File/en/Manual/Build station.png Build station 9 Opens the station build window for you to select a station size and direction to build.
/File/en/Manual/Place signal.png Build signal S Allows you to place various traffic Signals on the tracks
/File/en/Manual/Build bridge.png Build bridge B Allows you to build railway Bridges
/File/en/Manual/Build traintunnel.png Build tunnel T Allows you to build underground Tunnels
/File/en/Manual/Toggle clear active.png Remove R Click this after you have selected another tool to remove that item. For example you can remove signals from a rail or stations one by one.
/File/en/Manual/Convert rail.png Convert rail C Converts Rails from one type to the currently selected type.