Me : I'm french and I'm fond of TTD, SimCity, Railroad Tycoon and Locomotion. I'm very interested in the development of new features in OpenTTD.


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Developments in trunk since 0.5.0

See also: New Features Since 0.4.5

Item Assigned To In trunk since
Full flexible track/road layout under bridges Tron, Celestar, KUDr r7573, 2006-12-27
Rewrite of Makefile system Rubidium, TrueLight r7759, 2007-01-02
Making OpenTTD compile as C++ Celestar, KUDr r8038, 2007-01-10
Raised the limit of max sprites for newgrf peter1138 r8129, 2007-01-14
Drive-through Road Stops mart3p r8735, 2007-02-14
Show newgrf error messages Maedhros r8838, 2007-02-21
Cargo translation table support peter1138 r8891, 2007-02-24
Newhouses Maedhros, Belugas, peter1138 r9315, 2007-03-19
Newcargos peter1138 r9638, 2007-04-15
Advanced vehicle lists Nycom, Rudibium r9874, 2007-05-19
Tramways Rubidium r9923, 2007-05-23
Terraforming under bridges Rubidium r9950, 2007-05-27
Smooth viewport scrolling peter1138 r9962, 2007-05-28
One-way roads rubidium r9999, 2007-05-31
Articulated road vehicles Maedhros r10097, 2007-05-31
32bpp graphics TrueLight r10143, 2007-06-13
Antialiased typefaces via FreeType peter1138 r10166, 2007-06-15
NewGRF: Add support for action 0F glx r10211, 2007-06-19
Timetabling for vehicles Maedhros r10236, 2007-06-20
Loading indicator TheJosh r10254, 2007-06-21
Double-clicking TrueLight r10265, 2007-06-22
New sign editor XeryusTC r10401, 2007-06-30

Current developments happening in branches

See also: GUI Redevelopment, Meetings, Release Blockers, SharedTracks, Orders.

Item Assigned To SVN path Binaries
Custom Bridgeheads Celestar, KUDr svn://svn.openttd.org/branches/custombridgeheads None
Cargo/Passenger destinations Celestar svn://svn.openttd.org/branches/cargo-packets None
Rewrite memory pools matthijs svn://svn.openttd.org/branches/mempool None
Object Oriented GUI Bjarni, KUDr svn://svn.openttd.org/branches/cpp_gui None
New Economy and Balancing Celestar svn://svn.openttd.org/branches/gamebalance None
NoAI framework TrueLight svn://svn.openttd.org/branches/noai None
Development of newgrf airports, seaports, landports richk svn://svn.openttd.org/branches/NewGRF_ports None