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This is a list of keyboard shortcuts used in the game. Their function can change depending on what window you have open. These are based on the latest source, hence they might not work on older versions of OpenTTD. See also the most used shortcuts and undocumented key combinations.

Some parts of the key handling in OpenTTD assumes a US Qwerty layout. If a hotkey doesn't work as documented, look on an image of the US keyboard to figure out where the key with the mentioned symbol is located on your keyboard. If that still doesn't work, you can customize the hotkey to use a different key sequence by editing hotkeys.cfg (you will still need to mind that OpenTTD assumes a US Qwerty layout and may need to write a different symbol in hotkeys.cfg than what the key produces in other programs on your computer).


Note: hotkeys.cfg is in the same root folder as your save files, ie ~/.openttd/hotkeys.cfg or ~/Documents/OpenTTD/hotkeys.cfg

Basic hotkeys
Win Mac Effect
Alt + Enter Command + Enter Enter/Exit fullscreen mode
Tab Fast forward (Hold button to fast forward, release to return to normal)
~ § Display command line Console.
Ctrl + Enter Resize the Console to entire window and back.
Shift + Click Instead of building, a cost estimate window pops up.

Normal ingame (no menu open)
Win Mac Effect
Space Close error messages/news items
Delete Fn+Delete Close all non-sticky windows
Shift + Del Fn + Shift + Del Close all windows, even sticky ones
Esc Close active tool. Can also abort actions after pressing but before releasing the mouse button.
F1/Pause Fn+F1 Pause game
F2 Fn+F2 Game options
F3 Fn+F3 Save game
F4 Fn+F4 Map
F5 Fn+F5 Towns list
F6 Fn+F6 Subsidy
F7 Fn+F7 Station list
F8 Fn+F8 Finances
F9 Fn+F9 Your company's general information (same as clicking on your HQ)
F10 Fn+F10 Operating Profit Graph
F11 Fn+F11 Company League table
F12 Fn+F12 Fund new industry
Shift + F1 Fn+Sft+F1 Your company's trains (Vehicle lists)
Shift + F2 Fn+Sft+F2 Your company's road vehicles (Vehicle lists)
Shift + F3 Fn+Sft+F3 Your company's ships (Vehicle lists)
Shift + F4 Fn+Sft+F4 Your company's aircraft (Vehicle lists)
Shift + F5/+ Fn+Sft+F5 Zoom in
Shift + F6/- Fn+Sft+F6 Zoom out
Shift + F7 Fn+Sft+F7 Opens the Railroad construction toolbar
Shift + F8 Fn+Sft+F8 Opens the Roadway construction toolbar
Shift + F9 Fn+Sft+F9 Opens the Dock construction toolbar
Shift + F10 Fn+Sft+F10 Opens the Airport construction toolbar
Shift + F11 Fn+Sft+F11 Plant trees
Shift + F12 Fn+Sft+F12 Jukebox
Arrow keys Scroll around the map
Shift + Arrow keys Scroll faster
L Open landscaping toolbar
M Shows minimap
V Opens extra viewport
A Toggles Autorail mode
Z Zooms in to the mouse pointer's location
C Centers screen at mouse pointer's location
X Turn all unlocked transparency options on or off
Ctrl + X Open transparency options window
Ctrl + 1-9 Toggle a certain transparency option
Ctrl + U Clear text in input fields
Ctrl + W Abandon game and return to main menu
Ctrl + Q Quit to OS
Ctrl + S Take screenshot
Ctrl + G Takes a screenshot of the ENTIRE map*
(Disabled in the latest releases, see footnote for why)
Ctrl + B View the bounding box structure (for grf authors and other freaks).

Railroad construction
Key Effect
1 to 4 Build railroad track
5 or A Autorail mode
6 Demolish tool
7 Build depot
8 Build waypoint
9 Build railway station
S Place Signals
B Build bridge
T Build tunnel
R Toggle removal tool for rails, stations etc.
C Convert to this type of rail

Road construction
Key Effect
1-2 Build road
3 Autoroad tool
4 Demolish tool
5 Build road depot
6 Build bus station
7 Build truck bay
B Build bridge
T Build tunnel
R Toggle removal tool for roads

Dock construction
Key Effect
1 Build Canal
2 Build Lock
3 Demolish
4 Build shipyard
5 Build dock (harbour)
6 Place buoy

Airport construction
Key Effect
1 Construct airport
2 Demolish

Key Effect
Q Lower land
W Raise land
E Level land
U Purchase land
D Demolish tool
I Open trees window
O Place Sign

Bridge construction
Key Effect
1-9 Select bridge

Scenario editor
Key Effect
F1 Pause game
F2 Game options
F3 Save scenario
F4 Land generation tool
F5 Town generation tool
F6 Industry generation tool
F7 Road construction
F8 Waterways tool
F9 Plant trees
F10 Place Sign
F11 Jukebox
F12 Land area information tool

Order Window
Key Effect
D skip order
F delete order
G goto order
H non-stop
J full load any cargo
K unload all

* Note: This will take a few seconds and will seem to "freeze" OpenTTD. Also note that these screenshots are HUGE, 16352x8192 pixels on a default sized map and each screenshot takes up around 130 MB as BMP, 75 MB as PCX, and 15 MB as PNG, so watch your free space carefully. On very large maps, a full-map screenshot can be upwards of multiple gigabytes in size even in fully-compressed PNG format. This hotkey caused a lot of different problems related to accidental pressing of the keys and was removed in the latest versions. A warning was soon added for such large screenshots. If you want to use this feature, you need to edit your hotkeys.cfg and bind it there.

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