In-game tutorial
Manual Tutorials

Basic tutorial:

Setting up a bus service
Setting up a train service
Setting up a plane service

Advanced railway tutorial:

Two Platforms
Two Tracks
Basic Network

In game tutorial:

In-game tutorial
In-depth Instructions

Railway construction:
Building tracks
Building stations
Building depots
Placing signals
Buying & selling trains
Converting railways
Road construction:
Building roads
Building stations and loading bays
Building depots
Buying & selling road vehicles
Waterways construction:
Building docks
Building depots
Placing buoys
Buying & selling ships
Building locks and canals
Airport construction:
Building airports
Buying & selling aircraft
General construction:
Building bridges
Working with vehicles:
Setting vehicle orders
Refitting vehicles
Replacing vehicles
Grouping vehicles

For OpenTTD there is an in-game tutorial which will guide you through the interface. It covers about the same things as the beginner tutorial on the wiki, but is programmed as an interactive in-game tutorial. Follow the steps below on how to download and start the tutorial.



The in-game beginner tutorial contains these chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Navigation
  3. Aircraft
  4. Ships
  5. Trucks and industry chains
  6. Buses and town growth
  7. Rail (incomplete)

How to get and start the Tutorial

1. Click on play scenario (in the main menu)

/File/en/Manual/Tutorial/Main menu play scenario.png

2. Click on check online content button (lower left)

/File/en/Manual/Tutorial/Load scenario check online.png

3. Download the "beginner tutorial". You can use the filter if you want to limit the list of content

/File/en/Manual/Tutorial/Download tutorial.png

4. Close the download window

6. Select the "beginner tutorial" in the Load Scenario window.

7. If you get a red text about missing files, click on the "find missing content online" button and download a NewGRF file required by the tutorial.

8. Click on "Load"

/File/en/Manual/Tutorial/Load scenario beginner tutorial.png

9. Follow the in-game tutorial :-)


Tutorial AI

A previous attempt to create a in-game tutorial was TutorialAI that used the AI framework. This AI shows step by step instructions on how to eg. build a bus connection.

This tutorial works also with OpenTTD 1.1.x.

/File/en/Manual/Tutorial/TutorialAI, 23rd Apr 1954.png

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