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温带气候最早可以追溯到1994年的原版运输大亨游戏。它基于TTD的开发者们:Chris Sawyer、Simon Foster与John Broomhall居住的英国。这也体现在交通工具上,这个环境中大部分的交通工具都是在英国随处可见的。同样地,游戏中的许多建筑物都基于Chris Sawyer的故乡——格拉斯哥(苏格兰最大城市)的现实建筑。

温带气候是最受欢迎的游戏环境,因为它提供了最丰富的内容与最高速的列车。这同样反映在NewGRF模组中。最受人们喜爱的两个模组:英国重制组件(en)德国铁路(Deutsche Bahn)组件(en)均只能运行在温带气候。温带气候包含了价值最高的货物——煤炭,因此很可能是最容易盈利的。与亚寒带、亚热带气候不同,城镇不需要额外提供食物与水就可以发展,对于工业设施位置的限制也寥寥无几。最后,默认设定下,这是唯一提供了电力机车与动车组的气候。

在游戏中启用温带气候,请在openttd.cfg中输入或编辑:landscape = temperate





在游戏中启用温带气候,请在openttd.cfg中输入或编辑:landscape = arctic


Sub-tropical climate

The Sub-tropical climate was also introduced with Transport Tycoon Deluxe. It is based in Latin America, according to the town names and the choice of Trains (en) available.

This climate has lush rainforests where there is grass growing near water locations, yet barren deserts with cacti where there is no water. Towns located in the desert require food and water to grow, the first of which can be produced by Food Processing Plant (en)s and the other by Water Sources in the desert which must be delivered to a Water Tower (en). There are quite a few restrictions as to where industries may be placed, most notably Food Processing Plants and Agriculture which must be placed in grassland, Lumber Mill (en)s must be surrounded by Rainforest and Water Sources are only found in the desert. A peculiarity unique to the Sub-tropical is the Lumber Mill, which can only be funded by the player and cuts down trees in the vicinity. If the industry runs out of resources, trees must be replanted by the player. One of the original scenarios from Transport Tycoon Deluxe called "Megarail 1960" was a tropical scenario which taught players about networked railways.

The Sub-tropical climate is not as popular as the temperate climate as the choice of trains in Sub-tropical is the same as it was in Sub-arctic. There is also only one steam locomotive available in the sub-climates.

landscape = tropic in openttd.cfg.


Toyland climate

Toyland is a completely fictional climate containing surreal graphics, emulating a child's world.

Candy and sweets represent buildings and trees, as well as toys replacing goods and trains. Every single graphic in Toyland is new, including roads and rail. The roads simulate a toy race track, while the railways have larger sleepers. All vehicles have silly sounds and faces drawn on them. There is very little choice of vehicles, with only basics provided with low horsepower.

Toyland is the least liked climate of OpenTTD due to its bright and jarring colours, as well as its overall cheesyness and clichés. This has lead to numerous attempts to reform the climate into a Mars landscape (below), and it will almost certainly be omitted from 32bpp graphics versions of OpenTTD when they are released. All factories and goods are replaced with surreal ones, such as a "Toffee Quarry (en)" and "Battery Farm (en)". The earliest possible starting year for any vehicle is 1935.

landscape = toyland in openttd.cfg