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Main window contents

OpenTTD main menu

The main window, as seen above, offers the following options:

Obsoleted options

Game Interface

Once you start a game, you will be presented with the main Game interface, shown below. You will spend most of your time in this screen while playing. It has three sections: at the top is the menu bar, in the middle you will find the 3D Isometric Gameplay World and at the very bottom is the status bar.

The gameplay screen

The Menu bar

The menu bar has buttons split up into sections as described below. The sections are from left to right: "Game controls"", "Map information", "Company and industry information", "Vehicle information", "Zoom", "Construction" and "Other".

The menu bar

Game controls

Map information

Company and industry information

Vehicle information

More information on Vehicle lists.


To magnify or shrink the view in the main 3D world, click on either of the buttons shown below. There are six levels of magnification: the regular zoom level (1x), two levels in, and three levels out. You can also zoom with the mouse scroll wheel.


By clicking and holding the railway build button, a dropdown appears where you can select the rail type that you want to build. When using a NewGRF which provides additional Road or Tramway types, the same works for those build buttons.

The Landscaping button has a dropdown to access the tree and sign placement tools directly, instead of via the landscaping toolbar.



3D isometric gameplay world

The OpenTTD world takes the form of a landscape, presented on isometric projection (strictly speaking rather dimetric projection) for that 3D look. You will spend most of your time playing here. The world is divided up into tiles, of which there are many types. Some are sloped, some are water, some are occupied by buildings, etc. This is where you build your transport empire!

The status bar

The status bar

The status bar can be found at the bottom of page, as can be seen in picture 1., and above in picture 3. It is divided into three sections.

You may also hear "status bar" used to refer to the vehicle status bar.

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